Dota 2 CD Key Generator

Dota 2 CD Key Generator

Dota 2 was expected to be released in Q4 of 2011. It was pushed back since Valve wanted more of the original content to be brought over. They want all of the heroes in Dota for Warcraft 3 to be featured in Dota 2. The predicted release date for the game is during Q1 of 2012.

Today, we’re proud to release the DOTA 2 CD Key Generator that will allow you to not only play the full version on release date, but also allow you to play the Dota 2 beta until it is released. Since Dota 2 was expected to be released this month, Steam already started making Dota 2 product codes, also known as serials and cd keys, that are redeemable on your Steam account.

(Click to see tutorial for download)

In order to redeem your free Dota 2 CD Key on Steam, you need a Steam account. You can register a Steam account here. The most important of all is to have the actual Steam program installed. You can download and install Steam here. After installing Steam, log into Steam and click on “Add a Game” on the bottom left hand corner. You want to select “Activate a Product on Steam” in order to add Dota 2 for free to your account.

Next you will be asked accept their Terms of Use. Once you have accepted it, you are allowed to enter the Dota 2 CD Key generated from our keygen. The screen will look like below depending on which region you are in:

Once you have redeemed the CD key successfully, the game will be added to your Steam account. Dota 2 will be downloaded to your computer and ready to play in a few hours depending on your Internet connection speed.